Try Krav Maga And Mixed Martials Arts In Chelmsford

Learning and developing a new skill can be a great way to become confident, meet new people and start to understand the power of your body. Martial arts are used around the world by individuals for many different reasons. Exercise, self-defence or as a hobby, many people want to learn the techniques and skills that go into martial art moves.

If you are looking to learn Krav Maga in Chelmsford and you want to try the mixed-martial art alongside our professional tutors, choose Premier Martial Arts. We provide both children and adult class of martial arts which will combine a wide selection of defensive techniques, exercise and a complete syllabus of study.

Creating Krav Maga and karate courses in Chelmsford that are rewarding and interesting

Using a grading system like ours at Premier Martial Arts will provide your child with progression in each session, a set of targets and goals they can achieve and the friendly competition that makes martial arts such as Krav Maga so popular.

Our dedication to creating a safe Krav Maga environment for all of our participants is second to none and we even have our very own UK safeguarding officer to ensure that we continue to meet the highest levels of safety in our classes.

To discover how our Krav Maga classes in Chelmsford can instil confidence in your child, get in contact with us at Premier Martial Arts.