How Martial Arts Can Help Your Child Excel At School

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Martial arts has one of the very best track records for positively shaping school performance of any physical activity for children. In fact, there are plenty of studies out there that confirm young children who learn martial arts are capable of overcoming more obstacles in learning than students with the same difficulties who aren’t a part of a programme. In this post, I’m going to show you how martial arts can be the key to educational doors for your child all through his or her life. The difficulties children have in school can be academic, social or other issues. The following are specific problems your child may encounter at school and how you can help them.


Remember when you were at school and there was always that one kid who was good at every sport? Why are some children “naturally talented” and others not? A lot of children experience difficulty in sports simply because of their motor skills and coordination. The best way to develop coordination in your child is through sports. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to get a child to take part in a sport they don’t think they are very good at. Martial arts is the most underrated way to fast-track your child’s sporting ability. Here at Chelmsford Kickboxing Academy, we use positive reinforcement and specially developed training techniques to keep your child motivated and active, helping them excel in school sports. Physical coordination is not just an innate skill - it can be learned.

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Work Ethic

To be successful in martial arts, willingness as well as hard work is required. Using a belt system that requires more work with each progression, your child will quickly come to learn the work-reward relationship. Simply getting your child into martial arts can significantly boost their academic ability in school. This is also a skill that is carried forward throughout their life. Through martial arts, your child will discover that life doesn’t give them what they want, it gives them what they have worked for. Applying this philosophy in a fun, structured way, our kickboxing classes will give your child a head start in school.


The 2016 Anti Bullying Survey found that 1.5 million children in the UK are bullied. That’s 50%. Almost 1 in 5 admitted to being bullied EVERY DAY. 20% of young people have been physically attacked by someone. 44% of children bullied experience social anxiety or depression. One third of young people who are bullied admit to suicidal thoughts. Let those figures sink in...

Martial arts deals with this challenge in three ways. Firstly, your child will become familiar with conflict resolution. Sometimes being able to spot a situation occurring and walking away is enough. Secondly, your child will develop self-confidence and self-esteem. This will help your child stand up to the bully and it's simply too much effort for the bully to get the reaction they crave. Think back to when you were at school - I bet the popular kid with lots of confidence was never the target of the school bully. As a last resort, your child can fall back on the self protection skills from their martial arts training.

At Chelmsford Kickboxing Academy we teach children “The 3 Ps”
Prevent - see the situation coming and avoid it
Prepare - be ready to use your brain, not your fists
Protect - as a last resort, protect yourself using appropriate levels of self defence


Too many people think of discipline in martial arts as a strict instructor. Someone who gives punishments to children who misbehave or step out of line. This is absolutely not the case at Chelmsford Kickboxing Academy. As a part of the U.K.s most forward thinking association we use techniques developed for long term discipline. We try to develop a child’s discipline in a way that will carry over to their school and homework. By keeping children excited by our martial arts training, they learn the importance of concentration. Let’s look at two examples and you can decide which one is going to improve your child’s long-term discipline:

“Billy! You forgot your belt, that’s 50 push-ups”
“Hey Billy, I noticed you forgot your belt, but it’s really important all the parents here know how good you are so you’re going to have to listen carefully and do extra amazingly on your kicking tonight. Do you think you can do that, buddy?”

Hopefully you can see how a modern martial arts system makes your child want to be disciplined. This will almost certainly carry over into their school work. 50 push-ups on the other hand, well it’s just going to make that child dislike authority.

Mental Strength

Every parent has heard their child say “I can’t do it” before they have even tried. It’s not surprising, every task seems so much larger and more complex to a child. It’s completely natural. Now let’s say a math problem comes up on your child’s test and they “can’t do it” - you can see how this could be detrimental to their future. In martial arts, your child will learn extremely complex techniques. Of course, they don’t just see a kick and perform it just like that. Martial arts teaches your child how to take something complex and break it down into manageable, bite-size chunks. Before you know it your child is kicking well beyond what was previously their comfort zone! So let’s look at how that can be applied to our math problem from earlier. Your child can now take the principles they use for overcoming difficult tasks in martial arts and break down that math problem into smaller parts. By doing this they feel more comfortable and more ready to attempt the question. Best of all, this applies to loads of aspects of life!

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