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Discover the best martial arts Chelmsford can offer your child!

Our Juniors programme provides a fun and disciplined activity for your 8 - 12 year-old. Our classes keep kids active, instil confidence, respect and improve their school work.

The Premier Juniors programme, for 8 - 12 year-olds, follows a syllabus that will help to develop more than just your child's martial arts skills. We deliver the children's martial arts classes Chelmsford needs!

Discipline and Focus

Our specially designed syllabus enables children to gain confidence, discipline and respect - all whilst learning an exciting martial art. Martial arts is an exciting way to keep children active whilst encouraging core values such as improved focus, self-esteem and a good work ethic... All of which help with their school work too! This is just one of many reasons why children that train with us excel in school, excel in sports and excel in martial arts!

Martial Arts Focus

Kids Martial Arts Chelmsford

Motivation and Goal Setting

Our grading system always gives your child a goal to work towards meaning that they stay motivated throughout their training. Setting and achieving goals is just one part of what we offer.

Social Skills and Fun

Friendly competitions, in a safe environment, allow your child to enjoy social time with other children and develop a sense of sportsmanship. If your child isn't competitive by nature, that's fine too. All competitions are completely optional.

Premier Martial Arts

Martial Arts Chelmsford

A Safe Environment

With a dedicated child safeguarding officer, we have one of the best policies in the UK! There are no safer children's martial arts classes Chelmsford can offer!

Discover your child's potential in a safe, friendly and fun academy that provides the highest standard of kid's martial arts. Get our Online Special and class schedule today!

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