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Join the friendliest kickboxing classes in Chelmsford!

Our Kickboxing programme offers the perfect way to get into kickboxing in Chelmsford. We pride ourselves on the welcoming friendly environment in our classes with a proven record of results.

All of our classes are designed to give you the edge over the competition. Get fit, tone up, boost confidence, meet new friends, compete at the highest level? Whatever your goal, our kickboxing programme is here to guide you.

Fitness and Endurance

If you are aged 13+ then you can join us in the best adult's kickboxing classes Chelmsford has got. And the best thing is you are welcome regardless of experience or physical condition! We will take you from any starting point and transform you into the best athlete you can be. There really is nothing better than our kickboxing classes for improving fitness and endurance.

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Competition and Weight Loss

By providing the kickboxing classes Chelmsford deserves, our goal is to see you reach your goal. The great thing is that we train you to compete at a national level, but there are so many more benefits. If you don't like competition that's absolutely fine - all competitions are optional. You will still get all the benefits of competitive kickboxing by training with us.

Stress Reduction and Fun

If you’ve had a bad day at work, nothing alleviates stress better than hitting some pads and having fun with a group of friends. We encourage new members to integrate themselves with the team here and pick up on all the tips and tricks from our more experienced members, keeping your mind off work.

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With a proud heritage in competitions, we guarantee you the highest standard of kickboxing classes Chelmsford can offer. Get our Online Special today and see what you can achieve!

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