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Welcome to the fun way to get fit!

Our Ladies Kickboxing programme offers the unique blend of fitness and kickboxing Chelmsford needs. Our classes are guaranteed to get you results in a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.

The Premier Ladies Kickboxing programme is designed to help women improve fitness, self-confidence and personal safety. We pride ourselves on providing classes suitable for all ladies regardless of age and ability.

Our professional instructors will take their time to listen to you, find out what interests you most about kickboxing and what results you’d like. With a fully qualified team of instructors on hand, we are here to give you the best experience of kickboxing Chelmsford can provide.

Fitness and Progression

We don’t expect you to be a super fit athlete when you first join. All our classes are structured in a way so you can take everything at your own pace and just enjoy your martial arts journey. Our main aim is to help you build the confidence to really push yourself to achieve your individual goals.

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Weight Loss and Muscle Tone

Premier Ladies Kickboxing classes are a great way for you to lose weight and provide a sustainable way to keep your body at your preferred weight. Our kickboxing classes will keep you flexible and supple as well as naturally toning your body.

Self Defence

We understand it’s not always possible to avoid potentially dangerous situations. We hope to equip you with the techniques, confidence and fitness to make any potential attacker think twice. We are sure you’ll feel a lot more comfortable being able to fall back on your kickboxing training.

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Confidence and Friendships

A little extra confidence goes a long way in life. Whether it’s going to that interview, getting the date you want or speaking up for what you believe, our Premier Ladies Kickboxing programme will give you the confidence you need.

When you join Premier Ladies Kickboxing you’ll be surrounded by loads of like-minded ladies. Together you can share your kickboxing journey, supporting and encouraging each other along the way. This group confidence will give you the ability to handle whatever life throws at you!

Working towards your black belt can be very rewarding. Each step boosting your kickboxing ability and confidence. Best of all, it’s something you can start today by requesting our Online Special now!

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